Source Sampling Services cc, t/a "Apex Emission Testing", formally began operations in 2005, as a partnership between the founding member, Jason Joubert and two Occupational Hygienists. In 2007, the two Occupational Hygienist partners were bought out by Jason Joubert, who remains the current Managing Member.

Since that time Apex Emission Testing has steadily grown to become one of the leading stack emission compliance monitoring "test houses" in Southern Africa.

Apex Emission Testing prides itself on accurate, impartial emissions testing, and atmospheric emissions reports that are compiled to meet not only the requirements of the Air Quality Act, but client's emissions abatement programme requirements too.
Apex Emission Testing's reports are written specifically to assist your company in complying with current Air Quality Act legal requirements. They are laid out in a clear, understandable, precise and user friendly format, to assist in interpretation and presentation.

All of our sampling equipment is regularly and routinely calibrated as per ISO17025, SANAS, methodological and/or manufacturer requirements.

All staff members remain abreast of technological, methodological and legal advances through on-going training, seminar attendance, in-house personal development programmes and membership of professional registration bodies.

Apex Emission Testing maintains associations with the following organisations:

NACA      DEA      SAIOSH      Ethekweni Municipality   UKZN   

Air Quality Services and Compliance Monitoring

Isokinetic Sampling Services (Particulates, Aerosols and Mists)

Apex Emission Testing utilises US EPA Sampling Methodology to accurately determine concentrations and mass flow rates for any of the following process, or combustion, related parameters:

  • Temperatures and Pressures (static and velocity),
  • Stack gas molecular weight,
  • Stack gas moisture content,
  • Volumetric flow rates.

Concentrations and mass flows of:
  • Acids (Organic and Inorganic),
  • Dioxins and Furans (PCDD/PCDF),
  • Metals (Antimony (Sb), Arsenic (As), Barium (Ba), Beryllium (Be), Cadmium (Cd), Chromium (Cr), Cobalt (Co), Copper (Cu), Lead (Pb), Manganese (Mn), Mercury (Hg), Nickel (Ni), Phosphorus (P), Selenium (Se), Silver (Ag), Thallium (Tl), Zinc (Zn))
  • Oil Mists (Vegetable, Mineral etc.),
  • Particulates (PM2.5, PM10 and Total PM)

Non-isokinetic Sampling Services (Gases and vapours)

  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Fluorides (Total F as HF)
  • Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
  • Nitrous oxide (NO)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH's)
  • Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)
  • NEW SERVICE - US EPA Method 21, Leak Detection & Repair Programmes (LDARP) - Contract Apex Emission Testing to manage your facilities leak detection programme and "LDAR regulated component" geo-database.

Vehicle Emissions Testing Services

  • Diesel Exhaust Emissions Opacity Testing
  • Diesel & Petrol Vehicles Noise Emissions Testing

Useful Resources

US EPA Documents and Methods

Promulgated Test Methods
Proposed Test Methods
Approved Alternative Test Methods
EMC Conditional Test Methods
Preliminary Test Methods
EPA Quality Assurance Handbooks
EPA Emission Measurement Center Technical Support
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CARB Test Methods (California Air Resources Board)
Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste (SW-846) Air Pollutants
Continuous Emission Monitoring
Performance Specifications and Other Monitoring Information

Other Agencies

NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods
OSHA Analytical Methods
ASTM Standards
WHO World Health Organisation
ISO International Organization for Standardisation
SANAS South African National Accreditation System
UKZN DOEH University of Kwazulu Natal, Dept. of Occupational & Environmental Health
NACA National Association for Clean Air
IOSH Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
SAIOSH South African Institute of Occupational Safety & Health
DEA Department of Environmental Affairs